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5 ways to Recharge your Body and Mind

By the end of the day are you left feeling drained?

In the Western world, it is instilled in us that being constantly busy in this fast-paced world is something to aspire to. If you are working all day, having to eat while on the move and find that you don’t have much time left to have some ‘me’ time or time for fun, it is understandable that you feel exhausted. However, being constantly exhausted is not healthy, and can end up making you feel unhappy, lethargic and sick. So, if you are feeling this exhaustion every day, it may be a good idea to take some time to yourself and recharge your batteries- your body and your mind. 

The most common reasons for exhaustion are stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, not getting enough physical activity, drug or alcohol abuse, an irregular circadian rhythm, medications, and/or trauma. 

Here are five ways to take to make you feel more energised:

1) Take a Warm Bath

You can spruce up your warm bath with some Epsom salt, which contains chemicals that can improve muscle function, remove toxins, and reduce stress-induced inflammation. Even without Epsom salt, a warm bath does the trick when looking for a bit of relaxation time.

2) Exercise

When you are feeling exhausted, a lot of the time you just want to sit down and watch your favourite TV show or movie. But instead of sitting down which can make you feel even more tired, try going for a walk, doing a quick stretch, or head to the gym. Even a 20-minute session can make you feel that much more energised.

3) Make a List of Accomplishments

It is common in life to feel as if you aren’t doing enough, or getting your to-do list finished. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed, by sitting down and making a list of your accomplishments, it will highlight everything you have achieved, and motivate you to move forward.

4) Spend Time with Close Friends & Family

By socialising, whether that be with friends or family, it is best to surround yourself with good and positive people instead of those that make you feel down or even more stressed. Recharge by hanging out with more people who radiate positive energy.

5) Do Something Creative

Do something creative, whether that’s painting, drawing, writing, or colouring. Being creative is an amazing way to help calm a cluttered mind, and take some time to step away from the busy, hectic and serious life, just for a moment. 

There are many reasons that you may be feeling drained, and usually, it is due to the busy and demanding lifestyles we lead, but there are also possible pre-existing medical conditions that could be to blame. So, if you continue to consistently feel exhausted it may be a good idea to schedule a visit to the doctors. Otherwise, this list of tips will help you to recharge in times when you are feeling lethargic and drained, in a world where life is so fast-moving just make sure you take the time to look after yourself as well- your health is your priority.