Athletes advocating CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a global sensation, with people all around the world using it for their own personal and different reasons. Of those people, thousands- if not more, have begun to openly advocate the use of CBD products, and that includes all types of celebrities from the Kardashians to YouTube stars, to athletes. A clear example of this in the sports industry is how the UFC have welcomed CBD and its products with open arms, but they are not the only sport beginning to join the CBD revolution. 

It seems to be the athletes who are some of the biggest and loudest advocates for the use of CBD and its effects, and here are just a few:


Another sport where athletes are joining the revolution is rugby. Saracens rugby player Dominic Day first began adding the supplement to his daily routine when he was recovering from a knee operation. He has said that the effects for him were almost instantaneous. Day then recommended CBD to his Saracens teammate George Kruis, who was recovering from ankle surgery at the time, and he hasn’t looked back since. Former English rugby player, James Haskell, has also recently advocated CBD by recently releasing a YouTube video about how and why he and his wife, Chloe Madeley, began using CBD, sharing that they opt to take it before a workout.


Charley Hoffman, a 42-year old journeyman pro from San Diego, is one of many professional golfers who have become involved in the CBD industry in some way or another since the cannabinoid was taken off of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list. Bubba Watson and Lucas Glover are another two golfers who use CBD, and all three of these men have shared how it has helped them with their recovery from competitions, as well as helping to calm any nerves.


Rob Gronkowski, a former New England Patriots tight end in the NFL, recently called for the NFL and other sports’ governing bodies to legalise the use of cannabis oil when it comes to injury recovery. He has come out as saying that if he had used CBD during his American football career it would have made a big difference. Another athlete from the NFL, Mike James, who is a running back, asked the sports’ governing bodies in 2018 to use cannabis due to his chronic pain- unfortunately, his request was denied.

These are just a handful of athletes who we have chosen to mention here, but there are many more who advocate the use of CBD out there, in almost all different sports. As you can see from the list above, a lot of athletes from high-impact, high-contact sports, where there is a higher risk of injury are usually the biggest advocates for CBD products. From their anecdotal evidence, it is clear that for them CBD has helped them in different areas of their lives, including their mental and physical wellbeing, and fortunately for us, they are sharing their experiences with the world.