Bud and Tender® - Best CBD Oil THC-Free on Herbreviews.co.uk

Bud & Tender® Filter Pure CBD Cannabis Oil has been voted the best THC-free CBD oil on Herb Reviews.

Another way of putting it; it’s the best broad-spectrum CBD oil!


In fact, more than just being the best broad-spectrum CBD oil, Bud & Tender® is the overall highest scoring CBD oil out of more than 30 different brands, making it the best CBD oil overall!

Bud & Tender® scores a 9/10 on HerbReviews.co.uk 



Herb Reviews is a CBD news and review site and it’s 100% independent. One of the key reviewers is Tim W. Shaw. Tim has a wealth of experience in the cannabis and CBD space and regularly writes for multiple CBD and cannabis websites.

Herb Reviews mission is to create a hub of information that is clear and easy to understand. They experience the products first hand and give their opinions as to the quality, value for money and efficacy.

Herb Reviews also finds out if products have been produced using quality ingredients, they check testing / lab reports and keep up to date on the latest UK regulations.

Herb Reviews reviews more than just CBD oils, they review topicals, gummies, dry herb, concentrate vapes and seed banks.

As we continue to expand our product range here at Bud & Tender® we will continue to ask the experts and seek their honest opinions and reviews.