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3 reasons why CBD might not be working for you

If you haven’t used a CBD oil before, you may put a couple of drops under your tongue and expect the effects to be immediate or substantial. However, to not feel an immediate effect straight away on your first attempt is very common. But you may be asking yourself why isn’t CBD working for me? If you have tried a CBD product and haven’t had any results and are thinking of giving up, it may be because of one of the three reasons below.


1. You haven’t bought your CBD product from a reputable company

So your CBD oil is not working for you, but where did you buy it? Did you do your research on that specific product and the company? 
As CBD and its products continue to grow in popularity, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find an over-the-counter shop or online store that sells CBD products. However, although access to CBD products has become increasingly easy, unfortunately, some of these products are of low-quality. In recent research when 84 CBD products were tested, it was found that only a third of them contained the amount of CBD that was advertised on their packaging. 

So what should you be looking out for when buying new CBD products, first of all, you need evidence, most reputable companies will have third-party lab tests that are available to their customers and will detail how much CBD is in the product. The second tip is to look at customer reviews, review websites and articles on the company as well as the CBD products being sold. It is very normal for CBD users to try several different CBD products before they settle on the one product that works for them, so keep searching until you find the one that is a perfect match for you.

2. You need to try a different way of delivery

As there are a vast array of CBD products available and new ones continue to be released and sold every week. You can take CBD in all sorts of forms, from CBD coffee, body lotions, and even lube. However, the most common ways CBD is administered is through tinctures, topical creams, vape oils, capsules or suppositories, and edible treats like gummies and chocolate. With a number of ways to take CBD, if you are finding that you are not having the desired effects from your CBD product, try a different delivery system, as it may just work better for you. 

The way in which CBD products enter the body will affect how much CBD will actually enter the body’s system. For instance, edible gummies have to go through the digestive tract which usually means a lower amount ends up in the body’s system. Whereas a tincture goes under the tongue and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so this will usually mean faster and more noticeable results. There are different ways of administering CBD that will be more effective depending on the reason you are using a CBD product. So if one form is not working for you, try another, it may just be that simple.

3. You haven’t found the right dosage

When it comes to CBD oil and other products, users need to find their optimal dosage by the trial-and-error method. This is because everybody is different when it comes to the dosage that is right for them and their reasons for taking CBD. Different methods of taking CBD will also vary from person-to-person, as it is affected and influenced by many different factors. So finding your own personal dosage that works for you is a completely individual process. When starting off with a CBD product it is recommended to begin with a low dose and slowly build your way up from there with slightly higher doses until you find the perfect lock-and-key fit for you. So, if your CBD oil is not currently working for you, it may be the dosage and you may need to try to increase the dose slowly and sensibly until you find the desired effect.

When it comes to CBD it is not as simple as taking one standard dosage and it having an immediate result. So check the company and the products reputation and reviews, question the method you are using to take CBD and experiment safely with the dosage of the product.