Certified Laboratory Testing

Bud & Tender® use independent, accredited laboratories to test each product ensuring safe, accurate and legal cannabis supplements.

Cannabinoid Test ensures:

  • The correct level of CBD is present.
  • The illegal cannabinoids of THC and CBN are not present.

Terpene Test ensures:

  • That an optimal level of terpenes have been preserved.
  • “Entourage effect” is maximised.

Heavy Metals Test ensures: 

  • Safe to consume.
  • Hemp is great at absorbing heavy metals from the soil (phytoremediation). When the hemp plant is contaminated with heavy metals and CBD is extracted, the heavy metals can accumulate in the extract making it dangerous to consume.

Pesticides Test ensures:

  • A clean oil with no contamination.
  • Our cannabis supplements are sourced from organically grown hemp, however, we still check for pesticides because cross farm contamination can still occur on any farm.

Microbiological Test ensures: 

  • No mould or bacteria is present, making our product safe to consume.

A link to each lab report can be found here: 500mg, 1000mg.