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Certified Laboratory Testing

Bud & Tender products are tested by an independent accredited ISO 17025 laboratory. We ensure clean, safe and legal CBD supplements for you and your whole family to enjoy.
Bud & Tender full panel testing includes 8 separate tests:

Cannabinoid Test

Accurate determination of cannabinoid concentrations in CBD supplements is one of the most important components of testing. Bud & Tender® products are tested on an Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph machine for 17 different cannabinoids at a Limit of Quantification 0.001%. 

Why do a cannabinoid potency test?
Firstly, we need to ensure that the correct level of CBD is present within the oil. Secondly, we need to check the levels of the other cannabinoids. What other cannabinoids are present, CBG, CBC, CBDV? Additional cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBDV can boost the effectiveness of a CBD oil when compared to just CBD alone. We most certainly also need to check if there are any illegal cannabinoids present such as THC, CBN or THCV. 

Why is the Limit of Quantification (LOQ) important?
A CBD oil tested on two different LOQ machines could offer two different results (perceived).
If we were to take the example of just tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and compare different limits of quantification:

Example: If we know the starting oil to be tested contains 2mg of THC in a 10ml bottle (0.02%).
1. A machine set to a LOQ 0.03% will show this oil as non detect for THC. This oil will be defined as a THC free product because the machine won’t be able to quantify the THC below 0.03%. Even though this product does contain THC at 0.02%!
2. A machine set to a LOQ 0.001% will clearly show that this same product contains 0.02% THC because it can quantify the THC all the way down to 0.001%.

This is the reason a LOQ 0.001% is so important to Bud & Tender®, because it offers you a far more accurate depiction of what you are consuming.

Terpenoid Test

Terpenoids (terpenes) are produced in the trichomes of the C. sativa L. flower along with cannabinoids like CBD. Terpenoids give hemp its individual profile of flavour and aroma. Terpenoids have many functions within nature but when it comes to CBD supplements, they have the power to enhance the effectiveness of the cannabinoids. They can even bind to cannabinoid receptors just like cannabinoids!

"Terpenoids (terpenes) alter the effects of the cannabinoids in a way that often is synergistic. Synergy is a boosting of effect. So, it would be the idea that 2 + 2, instead to equalling 4, it gives you an 8 in terms of the benefit.”- DR. Ethan Russo

Flavonoid Test

Flavonoids are phytonutrients, they are found in the leaves, the flowers and the trichomes of the C. sativa L. plant. They play a role in plant pigments, flower coloration, taste, smell and an overall sensory experience. Along with cannabinoids and terpenoids, flavonoids can also bind with cannabinoid receptors and thus they too contribute to the entourage effect (synergy boosting).

Heavy Metals Test

Hemp loves to collect heavy metals. It absorbs heavy metals from the soil, water and air. These toxic elements can be passed from the plant into a hemp extract and then into a consumer’s body where they would pose a serious health risk. 
Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) Bud & Tender® supplements are screened for four toxic heavy metals which include arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead.
Did you know that organic certification does not require any screening for heavy metals? This is a very sad case for foods and food supplements in general across the world. 
However, rest assured that Bud & Tender do test for heavy metals, making our supplements clean and safe for consumption.

Pesticides Test

Pesticides are used in many forms of commercial farming all across the world, they are carcinogenic and mutagenic, causing serious harm to consumers. The most vulnerable being the already immuno-compromised people. Bud & Tender® starting material comes from high quality, organically grown hemp without the use of pesticides. However cross farm contamination from wind can still occur on any farm, so to be extra safe we ensure our products are tested for 67 separate pesticides; utilising Ultra High Performance (UPLC) Liquid Chromatograph-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS).
Bud & Tender Premium CBD Oils do not contain any pesticides, making them clean and safe to consume.

Microbiological Test

According to the United Nations, 1 in 10 people world wide get ill from consuming a microbiologically contaminated food.
Microbiological contamination can lead to serious illness and health complications and this is why Bud & Tender® products are tested using Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technology to pathogenic screen for the presence of Shiga toxin E. coli, salmonella, and Listeria.
Bud & Tender Premium CBD Oils are free and safe from Microbiologicals.

Residual Solvents Test

Residual solvents can be chemicals left over from the process used to extract cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids from the C. sativa L. plant. Solvents can also be used in the filtration process. Bud & Tender® use Co2 and ethanol (alcohol) during our extraction and filtration process. Bud & Tender® test for 23 residual solvents utilising Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).
Bud & Tender Premium CBD Oils do not contain any residual solvents making them clean and safe to consume.

Mycotoxins Test 

Mycotoxins are contaminants that naturally occur in molds and fungi, which will decompose organic matter. You can find molds that contain mycotoxins in a variety of crops such as nuts, spices, apples and coffee beans. You can also find mycotoxins in hemp and then its subsequent extract whether that be in oils, edibles, tinctures or creams. 
Mycotoxins contain carcinogenic and mutagenic properties that can cause the development of cancerous cells and damage to the structure of your DNA and as such can be very harmful to humans, especially in cases of long-term exposure. 
Bud & Tender products are tested using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) for 5 main mycotoxins to ensure our products are clean and safe to consume.

Certificate of Analysis

The official verified Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product can be found here for your complete peace of mind. 

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