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Baking with CBD

Running out of ideas of how to keep yourself busy or to entertain yourselves, and feeling a bit worried about the future during this time of uncertainty we are living in? Why not introduce CBD into the kitchen, by making your own CBD treats. These CBD treats won’t get you high but they may relieve certain symptoms, and you may just feel that bit more relaxed. There have been studies carried out that show CBD working as a sleep aid, as it assists in relaxing the central nervous system and it has been shown that the cannabinoid has the potential to help with anxiety. Here is what you need to know when baking with CBD.
When you are intending to bake with CBD, one way is to infuse it into fat by using an isolate in the form of powder or making your own extraction. This can be either oils or butter, something with a fatty base, the easiest way to do this is to purchase a CBD tincture. How much you use of the CBD tincture will depend on your desired dosage per serving, if you are wanting to make 12 cookies, you will multiply the recommended dosage by 12 and add it to the recipe.
To make the most out of your baking experience, try to avoid the common mistakes, by watching your baking temperature, and being careful about which CBD products you work with. You are able to introduce CBD into any recipe, however, it may be better to start off with something easier and that you are comfortable with, like cookies or muffins. You also have the option to swap the amount of regular butter in a recipe for CBD-infused butter. After you have mastered the easier recipes you can start getting more creative on things such as dark chocolate orange cookies, etc.
Some benefits of infusing CBD into your baked goods include:

  • Although it can take longer to feel the effects of CBD edibles than other ways of administering, the effects are known to last a lot longer. When consumed, CBD is released slowly into the body’s system as it is digested, and the effects can last for up to 4 hours longer than other types of CBD products.
  • CBD edibles offer benefits without the psychoactive “high” that is associated with marijuana edibles. This means the CBD edibles can be eaten without the risk of any uncomfortable psychoactive effects.
  • There is no need to spend hours making your own CBD-infused butter when using CBD in baking, as CBD tinctures can also be used when baking, but of course best used in recipes with butter or oil in them.

Some things that you may want to keep in mind while baking with CBD:

  • Temperature- while heating your CBD oil could increase the effectiveness, too higher temperatures can destroy a lot of its active compounds. Baking CBD at temperatures above 180 degrees Celcius for long periods of time can cause CBD to vaporise, essentially making your CBD baked goods lose their potency.
  • Storage- you should store your baked goods properly to keep them fresh and ensure their potency. CBD is sensitive to light and heat and is best stored in a cool dark place. Keep them in an airtight container, to keep them fresh and to maintain their quality.