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How to be Happy by making some small Changes in your Life.


Sometimes in life, we find that we are just going through the motions, and when we think about it we realise that although there are moments of happiness scattered throughout our daily lives, there may be space and a need to find more joy in our day-to-day. It is not as easy as saying “I want to be happy” and then magically feeling instant happiness and are no longer in a rut- the differences that you’ll see are in the small changes and habits, much like working out, it is consistency and the small signs of progress in every day that will lead to a happier life.

Celebrate the Little Victories

When we set our goals, a lot of the time we like to focus on the big picture, which can make us forget to enjoy the journey toward these milestones, and being grateful for the small steps that have helped us to get there. Journeys toward our goals are always full of ups-and-downs, and we need to remember to focus on the small wins and celebrate these as they come.

This can be from clearing your emails, finishing your day’s to-do list, tidying your room, reaching out to an old friend, paying off a small debt, or anything that is a small sign of progress in the right direction- throw a little dance party for every little success.

Practice Gratitude

Try to actively practice gratitude every day. By creating a habit of intentional gratitude and giving thanks, it will highlight all the amazing and sometimes overlooked aspects of your life, making you happier and more content.

It is completely up to you how you can practice gratitude, one way is to write down three things you are grateful for from that day, this can be something you feel emotionally or something physical. If you intentionally carve out some time in your day, you will find that there is a lot more to be happy about than you may have realised.

Find Your Work-Life Balance

Most of us have to work to some extent, and a lot of the time this takes up the majority of our day, but we have to remind ourselves that work is not the only thing we should be doing. Outside of work, it is essential to explore different activities, interests and hobbies.

Some ways to ensure you have a good balance is by making sure you schedule some time for friends, family, exercise and other things you enjoy. By making sure you have a good work-life balance this will reduce stress, and give you space and time to have fun.

Be Creative

Previous studies have found that people who regularly participate in creative tasks are happier compared to those who do not. Creative activities allow us to use our imaginations and have fun, these can be activities such as writing, sketching, painting, dancing, and so much more.

Ensure you are scheduling some time to use your mind to be creative, it is both therapeutic and can help us on our way to long-term happiness.

Accept Your Imperfections

Sometimes when we aim for perfection, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be at our best all the time, however, in life, there will always be obstacles because it is not perfect, therefore we need to remember to embrace imperfections. When we hold ourselves or even others around us to a standard of perfection, it is setting ourselves up for disappointment because perfection is impossible.

By accepting that life is not perfect, it allows us to be grateful for and acknowledge the beauty and perfection in life’s imperfections.