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Most people still believe that CBD is illegal


A recent study found that two-thirds of the British public still believe that Cannabinol (CBD) is an illegal substance. For consumers of the cannabinoid or people within the CBD industry, this statistic may be surprising as you only need to look in high street stores to find shelves of different CBD products readily available, and being sold legally. Yet this statistic reveals the truth when it comes to the stigma that is associated with cannabis.

Cannabidiol, more widely known as CBD, is a natural chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Once this compound is extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD is considered non-addictive and safe, as it is not a psychoactive substance, and does not create the “high” associated with marijuana. This is because another chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), creates the “high” effect. 

In the recent study, commissioned by neuroscientist Dr Edward Jones, it was found that eight out of ten people believed CBD to be untrustworthy, even though the cannabinoid is entirely legal in the UK. An even more revealing statistic was that two-thirds of the 2,000 adults interviewed were unaware of its legality, and the same amount revealed they believed the cannabinoid was banned in professional sports. However, CBD is not banned in professional sport and was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list in 2018, although there are other cannabinoids that are still banned.

Other insights found from the study, were that eight out of ten of the participants revealed that they believed the effects of CBD were identical to smoking cannabis, and over half of the people surveyed admitted that they would negatively judge a friend or family member if they used CBD. From these findings, it is clear that the knowledge surrounding CBD’s potential therapeutic effects is only just being recognised, but there is still a long way to go to inform the majorites that CBD is not only legal but can also have beneficial effects. 

This recent research has revealed that the general public’s knowledge surrounding CBD products and the cannabis plant remain confused and unclear. With continued research and clinical trials on CBD being completed, it should mean we will have more evidence of its beneficial effects and what they are in the near future. This could finally dismiss the stigma that has tainted the cannabis plant for so long, as well as help people to decide how they can introduce CBD into their lives. 

The recognition of CBD oil and its benefits have grown in recent years and the cannabinoid has become very popular throughout the health and wellbeing sectors in the UK. However, studies such as this highlight the reluctance and safety concerns of those who are new to the scene and are just hearing about this cannabinoid that is taking the world by storm. Although CBD is considered safe and legal if you are interested in purchasing or trying CBD oil make sure you find a reputable company, that sells 0% THC oils with third-party lab reports.