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The Ultimate Buyers Guide to CBD Oil

With such an ever-growing array of CBD products on sale, it can become overwhelming when it comes to knowing what products are actually legitimate and useful. The amount of CBD oils being sold only grows by the day, but how do you decide what CBD oil to use? With such a wide variety, how can you distinguish the good from the bad? The legal from the illegal? The useful from the useless? Well, we have created a guide that lets you know just what you need to be looking out for.

Has the Product Been Tested by a Third-Party Lab?

Unfortunately, as much as we like to think we can believe everything we read- in this life that is not true. And it isn’t any different when it comes to CBD oil. We can’t just take what a company says about their CBD oil as fact, and that is why you want to look out for a brand that has their products tested in a third-party accredited laboratory, independent of their company- this is the only way to guarantee the quality and safety of any product. These accredited labs should test the CBD oil to establish that it is clear of any; pesticides, bacteria/fungus, foreign matters, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

How Much THC Does the CBD Oil Contain?

This depends on the user and what the legal restrictions are in your country/state. However, in the UK for a CBD product to be considered legal, the oil must not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So, if you are looking for an effective and legal CBD oil, look for one that has zero THC in it. If you are worried about having even trace amounts of THC in your body, there are a lot of prominent and trustworthy companies that provide products with no THC. Advantages of CBD oils with no THC are; no mind-altering effects, complies with the law, and if it is zero THC- no failed drug tests.

How Much CBD is in the Product?

Similarly to other products, CBD is also able to be ‘watered down’, and some companies will try to convince their customers they are getting more for less, trying to get higher profit margins. Concentrations of CBD vary across the range of CBD products, however, it is important to acknowledge the concentration levels of CBD in the products you buy, to ensure you get what you pay for. Products of high quality will usually have between 250mg to 1,000mg per 30ml and can provide lab reports for them.

How is the CBD Being Extracted?

It is a complicated process when it comes to getting CBD oil from hemp, and of course, there is a cheaper and easier way, and then there is a better and more reliable way. The cheaper and easiest way of extracting CBD oil involves harsh solvents which can leave behind a chemical residue in the CBD oil. The more trustworthy extraction method involves using carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure and very low temperatures to extract as much CBD as possible without introducing contaminants. With the CO2 method, once the carbon dioxide is no longer under pressure it evaporates, leaving nearly no trace of extraction on the finished product. Advantages of this method are; no use of harsh chemicals, ensures high quality, and it is widely used for foods and dietary supplements.

Is Cheaper Always Better?

Like with a lot of things in life, cheaper is not always better, and when it comes to CBD oil this is most certainly the case. This is because the manufacturing of premium and quality CBD oil isn’t cheap. Firstly, the CO2 extraction method involves a lot of intricate equipment and a high level of expertise. While this extraction method usually leads to a higher-priced product, it does also mean the product usually is of higher quality, purity, and potency. Some reasons better CBD oil costs more could be because it is organically grown, the CO2 extraction method is used, it has higher CBD concentrations, it’s tested in third-party labs, and the company is following the law.

Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

Although the research that has been done on CBD so far has been promising, and the testimonies of it helping people have been impressive, any reputable and legitimate company would avoid putting out any medical assertions. If you come across companies that do not follow this rule, be suspicious as they could also be ignoring other rules. Another way to check if a company has a good reputation would be to try to contact them, see how long and easy it is to get through to customer services or to speak to a member of their team. Usually, if the product is substandard, it is difficult to reach them. And of course, the best way to check their reputation is by reading up on them- reviews, reviews, reviews! 

We hope this guide helps you to find the best oil for you and we wish you the best with your future CBD purchases!