Travelling with CBD

CBD is used for a variety of reasons, and there are numerous ways in which it can be administered. But with laws and regulations of CBD being different across the globe- changing at every border, how do we travel with CBD? How do we know it is legal where we are going? Here is how…
Learn the Regulations of the Airline and Airport
If you are hoping to take CBD with you on to your flight, you’ll need to read the regulations of the airline and the airport you are flying from and to. Start by researching the company that you are flying with, as most companies will have this specific information, and make sure when you pack the items, that you take the airline and airport regulations as well as current laws into consideration.

Which Countries Legalised CBD?

This list is always changing, but this is the current situation at this point. The list of countries where CBD is legalised includes; Canada, countries of the European Union (Germany, France, etc.), South American countries (Argentina, Chile, etc.), Russia, the UK, South Africa, Antilles, Belize, and more. Although these countries legalised CBD, they have done so in different ways and have different restrictions. For example, border laws forbid travellers to leave or enter Canada with CBD, however, there are high-quality dispensaries throughout Canada. If going on vacation, you may find the security at the destination airport is loose, or friends may tell you that nobody enforces the laws or regulations there, if there are restrictions or if CBD is illegal. However, you should always follow the law, otherwise, it could result in fines or even worse your arrest.

Can You Use CBD During a Flight?

As previously stated, you should always check the regulations of the airline you are flying with. The general rule is that you are not able to vape CBD oil during flights, as both vaping and smoking are forbidden on planes. However, some airlines allow passengers to use CBD oil, edibles, capsules, and topicals. But before you decide to use them on a flight, please read the regulations carefully. The same applies to cruises, some cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise, directly mention that you are not able to use any CBD products. Whereas other cruise lines such as Norweigan and Disney lines, don’t allow the use of medical cannabis, however, they don’t directly mention CBD.

Will You Get Arrested for Travelling with CBD Oil?

While travelling in the UK or EU via road, rail or plane, you will not get arrested for travelling with CBD oil and other CBD products, as long as they are UK/EU legal. The moment you may encounter any issues is at the beginning or end of a flight.

What Countries Should I Not Travel to with CBD Oil?

Countries which are a no-no to travel to with CBD oil include the following; any countries from the Arab world like Dubai and Oman, South East Asia- Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is not advisable to travel to South Korea and Japan either, the same can be said when taking cannabis products to the USA and Russia.

The main and most important point to keep in mind when travelling with CBD is to never assume that you are able to travel indiscriminately outside the EU with CBD oil or cannabis products without doing your research. We hope this has been helpful if you are thinking about travelling and are worried about how to travel with CBD products.

Remember to always research the airline, airport and destination’s laws and regulations. Happy travels!