Bud & Tender®is a UK, premium cannabis supplement company.

We specialise in researching, developing and crafting premium CBD cannabis supplements.

We start with the finest cannabis flowers and utilise a variety of patented extraction and filtration technologies to craft our cannabis supplements for you.


We have spent many years researching and developing our cannabis oils and are proud that Bud & Tender® Filter Pure CBD Cannabis Oil is made in England.

Our core focus has been on maximising the entourage effect through the preservation of synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes.

Bud & Tender® CBD Cannabis Oils are tested by independent, accredited, laboratories for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Microbiological's.

Bud & Tender® CBD Cannabis Oil is available from health food shops, pharmacies and independent health practitioners: physiotherapists, osteopaths, reflexology instructors, dietitians, herbalists, rekai instructors, pilates instructors, yoga instructors and strength trainers.

If you'd like to discuss purchasing Bud & Tender® products wholesale, please drop us a message on our contact page.