Appalachian Trail Record Attempt

Appalachian Trail Record Attempt

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Kristian Morgan is a British Ultra Runner that will be attempting to break the fastest know time record for the Appalachian Trail in America.

Bud & Tender are extremely proud to be partnered with Kristian. He is an inspiration for not only his physical ability but also the positivity of his mental attitude. He is an all-round nice guy with an incredible competitive drive.

His record attempt of the Appalachian Trail will see him cover 2,190 miles, 14 states and elevation gains that are the equivalent of climbing mount Everest 16 times!

The current record is set by Karel Sabbe, who in 2018 completed the Appellation Trail in 41 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Kristian will attempt to cover 55 miles per day in order to try and beat the current record. Amazingly this is like running two marathons a day, non stop, day after day for 40 days!

Kristian’s training has been going exceptionally well, he has previously run parts of the Appellation Trail before, so he knows what to expect. He is taking a fantastic support crew with him, he has his nutrition plan perfected and he's honed in his rest and recovery with a little help from Bud & Tender.

The endocannabinoid system is now attributed to the natural high that long distance runners experience. Kristian will feel the natural highs from his own cannabinoids, but over exertion can deplete his system reducing his ability to rest and recover. Supplementing with Bud & Tender CBD Cannabis Oil, Kristian will be able to support his endocannabinoid system and maintain his health for optimum performance during his record attempt.


Kristian, how does CBD make you feel?

Along with the Indian flute music I listen too and breathing techniques, it helps calm me and make me feel at peace with the world.

When do you like to take your CBD oil?

The past couple of weeks I’ve been taking it before bed to aid recovery. Sleep is recovery and the better my sleep, the better my recovery. Last night for example I doubled my dose and had an extra sweet sleep.

What does CBD oil taste like to you?

There is no strong taste just the soft floral taste of marijuana. And I like that.  

Please show your support for Kristian on his Journey.

His flights are booked for the 1st of June and it's all go go go, but every little extra bit of funding helps at this stage.

You can donate via his gofundme here and follow the record attempt live here

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