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10 Celebrity Women That Use CBD

CBD: The Secret Wellness Weapon of 10 Influential Female Stars

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Celebrity Women That Use CBD 

Introduction to CBD and Its Rise in Popularity

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Unlike THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD is non-intoxicating and does not produce a "high".

The interest in CBD stems from its potential health and wellness benefits. Preclinical research indicates CBD may have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic properties. Anecdotal evidence also suggests CBD may help relieve pain, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and more.

Today, CBD is available in a variety of product types to suit different needs and preferences. These include tinctures, capsules, topicals, edibles, and vape oils. The versatility of CBD coupled with changing attitudes towards cannabis has fueled rising mainstream acceptance.

Explanation of CBD as a Non-Psychoactive Compound

CBD is one of over 100 active compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not bind directly to CB1 receptors in the brain, responsible for the "high" feeling from THC. Therefore, CBD is non-intoxicating and does not alter perception or cognition.

There are several varieties of the cannabis plant, including marijuana and hemp. CBD derived from hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, making it legal at the federal level. CBD can also be derived from marijuana plants with higher THC content, but its legality then varies by state.

Discussion of the Growing Interest in CBD

Several key factors underlie the rising popularity of CBD:

  • Increased awareness of potential wellness benefits based on anecdotal reports and preliminary research
  • Progressive legalization of hemp and cannabis products
  • Variety of consumption methods from tinctures to edibles to suit different preferences
  • Mainstream retail availability in stores and online
  • Celebrity endorsements lending credibility

As CBD becomes more widely accepted and accessible, interest continues to grow. More research is still needed, but the initial results are promising for this non-intoxicating compound.

1. Kim Kardashian's CBD Baby Shower

Kim Kardashian made headlines when she hosted a CBD-themed baby shower in anticipation of her fourth child. The event featured a "make your own CBD" station where guests could create bath salts, body oils, and other wellness products infused with CBD. There was even a CBD chocolate fountain for attendees to enjoy.

Kardashian has been open about her own personal use of CBD, claiming that the non-psychoactive compound helps her to relax and manage stress. At the baby shower, she told guests: "I thought it was kind of ridiculous to have a fourth baby shower. But I thought I’m freaking the fuck out having a fourth kid...So everyone have a puff and put on some oil."

CBD Wellness Station

The CBD wellness station allowed guests like Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Paris Hilton to create customized CBD bath salts and essential oils. Kardashian brought in experts to demonstrate how to safely infuse products with CBD extract for topical relief and relaxation. The hands-on experience enabled attendees to learn more about the purported benefits of CBD.

CBD Edibles

In addition to the DIY beauty products, Kardashian's baby shower featured CBD-infused foods and drinks. The chocolate fountain was a decadent centerpiece flowing with dark chocolate and CBD oil. Tables were adorned with CBD-infused donuts, candy, and an assortment of other bite-sized treats. By showcasing CBD edibles, Kardashian normalized the consumption of cannabidiol for her high-profile guests.

Kardashian’s CBD-centric bash garnered significant media attention, signaling a shift toward mainstream acceptance of CBD use. As a trendsetter and business mogul, her stamp of approval brought further legitimacy to the growing CBD industry.

2. Jennifer Aniston's Endorsement of CBD over Marijuana

Jennifer Aniston has been a vocal advocate for the benefits of CBD, emphasizing its ability to support mental health, relieve pain, and reduce stress without causing intoxication. As CBD products continue to gain mainstream popularity, Aniston's positive endorsement serves as an influential testimonial to their wellness potential.

Aniston Prefers CBD Over Marijuana

In an interview with Us Weekly, Aniston explained why she prefers CBD over marijuana, stating: "CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety. It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high." Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain significant levels of THC, the compound responsible for psychoactive effects. By using CBD rather than marijuana, Aniston is able to experience therapeutic benefits without any mind-altering side effects.

CBD for Mental Health Support

Aniston has been open about her experiences with anxiety and depression, particularly in the aftermath of her high-profile divorce from Brad Pitt. In addition to therapy, she has incorporated CBD into her mental health management regimen. CBD has shown potential in preliminary studies to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, though more research is still needed. As a public figure, Aniston's willingness to discuss CBD use for mental wellness helps de-stigmatize this application.

Pain Relief Without Side Effects

In comparison to over-the-counter pain medications like Advil or Tylenol, CBD offers more natural pain relief with minimal side effects. Aniston reportedly uses CBD topicals and salves to ease muscle soreness and manage aches and pains. Though evidence is still limited, early research suggests CBD could be an effective analgesic alternative to pharmaceuticals. Aniston's endorsement encourages wider acceptance of CBD as a viable option for those seeking to relieve pain.

Stress Management on the Go

Between her acting career, business ventures, and role as a public figure, managing stress is an ongoing need for Aniston. She told Elle UK: "If I've had a busy week, I lean towards a bath with CBD bath salts." Aniston also uses CBD oils, gummies, and vape pens to provide relaxation and stress relief throughout busy days. As CBD accessibility grows, Aniston's openness about using these products for stress management gives the public permission to incorporate CBD into self-care routines. END OF SECTION

3. Olivia Wilde's Use of CBD for Broadway Relief

Olivia Wilde has been open about using CBD lotions to help manage physical discomfort after intense Broadway performances. As a lead actress starring in critically-acclaimed plays, Wilde regularly deals with muscle soreness and joint pain from the demands of live theater. Rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals, she has incorporated CBD topicals into her post-show recovery routine.

This highlights a growing trend of celebrities exploring natural wellness solutions like CBD for common aches and pains. The active compounds in CBD are thought to interact with receptors throughout the body to help reduce inflammation and perceptions of pain. By sharing her personal CBD usage, Wilde makes these alternative therapies more accessible to the public.

Managing Physical Discomfort

In interviews, Wilde has discussed using CBD salves on her feet and joints after spending hours in high heels while performing on stage. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help soothe her muscles and temporarily alleviate discomfort. This demonstrates a practical application of CBD's purported benefits.

Influence Through Celebrity Endorsements

As a recognizable Hollywood actress, Wilde has a powerful platform to influence public perceptions of CBD. Her open support helps combat stigma around cannabis-based solutions. It also introduces fans to the concept of using CBD as a natural supplement for exercise recovery and pain management. Through leading by example, Wilde makes alternative wellness practices seem less intimidating or taboo.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow's Incorporation of CBD in Her Lifestyle Brand

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to wellness and lifestyle brands. In 2008, she founded Goop, a company dedicated to promoting clean eating, holistic health, and overall well-being. Over the years, Goop has expanded into e-commerce, publishing, events, and even a Netflix docuseries. With Paltrow's immense influence and reach, it was only a matter of time before she incorporated CBD into her brand.

Development of CBD-Infused Products

In keeping with Goop's mission of clean living, Paltrow added a line of CBD-based wellness products in 2019. Ranging from bath soaks to massage oils, these offerings contain broad-spectrum hemp extract grown in the USA. Per Goop's usual high standards, the CBD is third-party tested for purity and potency. Paltrow herself uses the products, claiming CBD helps her unwind and get better sleep.

CBD-Focused Wellness Summits

Beyond products, Goop hosts annual "In Goop Health" wellness summits across the USA. The 2019 summit in Los Angeles had a major focus on CBD, with panels on the "CBD Revolution" and using cannabis for health and healing. Attendees could get CBD-infused IV drips or try CBD-based treatments at the spa. By dedicating so much programming to CBD, Goop reinforced it as a mainstream wellness trend.

Impact on Public Perceptions of CBD

As a lifestyle guru with millions of followers, Paltrow has an outsized influence on public attitudes. Her enthusiasm for CBD lends it credibility in spaces where cannabis is still taboo. Thanks to Goop's upscale, feminine image, CBD gets rebranded as a chic, socially acceptable indulgence. This paves the way for more open-minded perspectives on CBD and cannabis in general. When an arbiter of taste like Gwyneth gives CBD her stamp of approval, mainstream acceptance isn't far behind.

5. Mandy Moore's Celebrity Hacks for Comfort

Mandy Moore has been open about using CBD oil to help relieve foot pain from wearing heels. As an actress who often walks red carpets and attends Hollywood events, Moore understands the struggle of balancing style with comfort. Her hack? Applying a CBD topical cream to her feet before slipping on a glamorous pair of stilettos.

"It's been a savior," Moore said in an interview, crediting CBD with allowing her to dance the night away at events without suffering from sore feet the next day. "I put CBD oil on my feet, like on the balls of my feet and my heels, and it saved me."

Moore's celebrity endorsement points to a larger trend of public figures sharing their own wellness and self-care routines, especially those involving CBD. As CBD has grown in popularity for its potential to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation, celebrities have played a key role in destigmatizing its use.

From Kim Kardashian's CBD-themed baby shower to Olivia Wilde using CBD lotion to recover from her Broadway performances, female stars are increasingly vocal about the role CBD topicals, oils, and edibles play in their self-care regimens. Their testimonies have the power to shape public perceptions, contributing to the normalization of CBD as a viable option for managing everyday stresses and discomforts.

While more research is still needed, the openness of celebrities like Moore to discuss their personal CBD usage patterns paves the way for more mainstream acceptance. It also empowers everyday consumers to explore CBD's purported benefits for themselves - whether applying a topical salve to soothe tired muscles or enjoying CBD-infused snacks to take the edge off a rough day.

The Accessibility of CBD Products

Thanks in part to celebrity endorsements like Moore's foot hack, quality CBD products are more widely available to consumers than ever before. Major retailers like Sephora, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys have added CBD beauty items and topicals to their offerings. Meanwhile, specialty boutiques focused exclusively on CBD are cropping up across the country.

With Moore and other stars breaking down stigmas through their vocal support, the future looks bright for CBD to become a staple self-care product and wellness supplement. Consumers can easily find CBD roll-ons for joint comfort, bath bombs for relaxation, face oils for anti-aging benefits, and much more. As public awareness grows, so too will product diversity and accessibility.

The Takeaway

While the therapeutic potential of cannabis-derived products is still under exploration, celebrities like Mandy Moore make a compelling case for giving CBD a try. Her hack for slipping into heels more comfortably is just one of many real-life examples of how integrating CBD into one's self-care routine could pay dividends.

As CBD sheds its stigma and enters the mainstream beauty and wellness spaces, consumers have more opportunities than ever before to experiment with CBD to enhance their health, beauty, fitness, and overall quality of life.

6. Alessandra Ambrosio's Pre-Show Ritual with CBD

As one of the world's most famous supermodels, Alessandra Ambrosio has walked in numerous high-pressure Victoria's Secret fashion shows. To help manage pre-show jitters and anxiety, Ambrosio has incorporated CBD into her wellness routine.

"Before a big show like Victoria's Secret, it's very easy for my mind to race and to feel stressed about everything that could go wrong," Ambrosio explained in an interview. "So I've started using CBD oil and water as part of my pre-show ritual. It really helps me to relax both my body and mind."

Calming Properties of CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant. Research indicates CBD may have anxiety-reducing properties by interacting with receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system. For high-profile models like Ambrosio who experience intense performance pressure, CBD offers a natural way to find calm.

"The CBD helps take the edge off so I don't feel quite as nervous before stepping out on the runway," said Ambrosio. "It puts me in a more relaxed, centered headspace so I can focus on enjoying the show."

Holistic Approach to Wellness

In addition to using CBD, Ambrosio emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and doing light exercise as part of her pre-show wellness routine.

"I really try to take a whole-body approach to preparing for a big event like Victoria's Secret," she noted. "Using CBD along with getting good rest, nutrition and movement helps me show up feeling my best."

As CBD receives growing mainstream acceptance, more public figures like Ambrosio are open about their usage. Her endorsement helps further destigmatize this holistic wellness supplement.

7. Busy Philipps' Unique Combination of Fitness and CBD

Busy Philipps is known for her upbeat personality and commitment to daily exercise. In a recent interview, Philipps revealed that she incorporates CBD gummies into her fitness regimen to help manage anxiety.

Philipps Credits CBD for Easing Anxiety Brought on by Intense Workouts

Philipps shared that while exercise is crucial for her mental health, intense workouts sometimes spike her anxiety levels. To counteract this, she takes CBD gummies after particularly strenuous sessions: "CBD helps me wind down and relaxes my mind after I push myself physically."

Research shows that CBD may alleviate anxiety symptoms by interacting with serotonin receptors and boosting dopamine levels in the brain. For Philipps, the calming effects of CBD support her overall wellness routine.

The Growing Intersection of Fitness and CBD

As CBD increases in popularity, more people are exploring its potential benefits in fitness contexts. CBD is anti-inflammatory, which aids post-workout recovery. It also promotes restful sleep to optimize gains from exercise.

Additionally, CBD may enhance focus during workouts. Philipps said: "Taking CBD helps me dial in and have more fulfilling, mindful gym sessions." This focus boost allows her to push herself effectively each day.

By combining daily exercise with CBD, Philipps has found an impactful formula to support both her physical and mental well-being.

8. Martha Stewart's Advocacy for Cannabis and CBD Benefits

Martha Stewart has been a long-time advocate for the benefits of cannabis, lending her lifestyle authority to help destigmatize and mainstream cannabis use. In 2019, she partnered with Canopy Growth Corporation to develop a line of CBD wellness products, seeing the potential of CBD as an accessible entry point to introduce cannabis self-care into people's lives.

Promoting the Wellness Properties of CBD

Stewart views CBD as a versatile wellness supplement that can enhance quality of life in small but meaningful ways. Her CBD line includes gummies, soft gels, and oil drops designed to support overall well-being. She often speaks about the relaxing and calming properties of CBD that help her wind down in the evenings. Through public statements and social media, Stewart aims to educate people on the differences between CBD, which is non-psychoactive, and THC so they can make informed choices.

Shaping Public Attitudes Towards Cannabis

As a trusted public figure and authority on lifestyle topics, Stewart has considerable influence in shaping mainstream attitudes. Her vocal advocacy for cannabis normalizes broader conversations about responsible adult use and positions cannabis as part of a holistic wellness regimen. Stewart also uses her media platforms to advocate for criminal justice reform and clearing records for nonviolent cannabis offenses. By lending her voice to these issues, she helps drive social change.

Expanding Accessibility of Cannabis Products

The accessibility and variety of Martha Stewart CBD products at major retailers helps introduce hemp-derived wellness into many people's lives. The partnership with Canopy Growth allows Stewart to make CBD more approachable through familiar outlets. She hopes to reduce the stigma around cannabis use through education and personal testimony about the benefits she's experienced. Her celebrity endorsement grants the cannabis wellness sector further credibility in the public mainstream.

9. Whoopi Goldberg's Personal Endorsement of CBD

Whoopi Goldberg has been a long-time advocate for the potential benefits of CBD. In a 2018 interview, Goldberg shared that she uses CBD products, including a vape pen, to help manage the nerve pain and stress she experiences related to being a co-host on The View. She also takes CBD to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes and mood swings.

Goldberg has been particularly vocal about CBD's ability to provide her relief and clarity during stressful situations at work: "I find it helps me to focus and relax when things get really hectic on the show." She added that while CBD doesn't make her feel intoxicated like marijuana, it "takes the edge off" so she can get through tapings of The View's heated debates.

Beyond her personal use, Goldberg has also become an active investor and advocate for increased access to CBD and cannabis. She served on the board of directors for Apothecanna, a cannabis wellness company, and more recently co-founded Whoopi & Maya, a medical cannabis company focused on providing relief for women's health concerns. Although Whoopi & Maya ceased operations in early 2020, Goldberg continues to speak openly about her positive experiences with both CBD and cannabis.

As one of the most prominent celebrity voices in support of CBD and cannabis, Goldberg has played an important role in influencing public perceptions. Her willingness to discuss personal health issues and alternative approaches like CBD have helped drive mainstream acceptance and destigmatize use within older demographics. By lending her celebrity status to cannabis companies and speaking from her own experience, Goldberg has expanded the dialogue around CBD as a viable wellness supplement.

The Impact of Celebrity Endorsements

High-profile figures like Whoopi Goldberg discussing their personal use of CBD products provide a level of credibility and visibility that is difficult to achieve through other means. Celebrities often have millions of devoted fans who take interest in the various lifestyle choices they make, including health and wellness approaches.

In Goldberg's case, her testimony as to CBD's effects may lead many of her fans and viewers, especially within her age demographic, to reconsider long-standing taboos against cannabis-based solutions. A celebrity endorsement from someone relatable and trusted can inspire people to educate themselves further on CBD's purported benefits.

Normalizing CBD Conversations

Furthermore, Goldberg's transparency around using CBD for issues like nerve pain, mood swings, and stress management works to normalize these discussions more broadly. High-profile endorsements not only bring attention to CBD, but also make it more acceptable to talk about personal health and destigmatize conditions that people may find embarrassing or private.

By speaking candidly about her menopause symptoms and mental health on national television, Goldberg sets the tone for more open and compassionate dialogue surrounding topics often ignored. Her celebrity platform expands the mainstream conversation around CBD, cannabis, and overall well-being.

10. Dakota Johnson's Testimony on CBD for Anxiety Management

Dakota Johnson has been open about her struggles with anxiety and how she uses CBD oil to help manage her symptoms. In interviews, the actress has discussed using CBD products to relieve anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and bring more balance into her life.

Johnson said CBD helps her "function at a higher level" and allows her to feel less anxious in stressful situations like public appearances and red carpets. She applies CBD topicals before events to feel relaxed and uses CBD oils daily to reduce anxiety spikes.

Personal Experience Shaping Public Perception

As a public figure, Johnson's experience with CBD is significant in shaping public attitudes and challenging stigmas around cannabis products. Her advocacy helps initiate conversations around CBD for anxiety and mental health support.

By voicing her positive experiences with CBD to manage anxiety, Johnson enables others struggling with anxiety to view CBD as a viable supplemental treatment option. Her celebrity status also brings credibility and attention to CBD as alternative medicine.

Normalizing CBD Conversations

Johnson has commented that many people in Hollywood use cannabis products like CBD but don't talk about it. By speaking openly about CBD, she helps de-stigmatize cannabis compounds and makes these conversations more mainstream.

High profile figures like Johnson pioneering discussions about mental health, cannabis medicine, and holistic wellness enables more open, judgement-free dialogue around these once-taboo topics.

As CBD products continue gaining popularity for wellness, personal testimonies from celebrities contribute immensely to normalizing CBD use, shifting public perceptions, and enlightening people on potential health benefits.

Bonus 11. Liv Tyler's Advocacy for CBD in Managing Anxiety and Stress

Liv Tyler has been open about using CBD oil to help manage feelings of anxiety and stress. As a busy Hollywood actress and mother of three, Tyler has said CBD helps her unwind and get the rest she needs.

Highlighting the Growing Trend of Celebrities Discussing Mental Wellness

By speaking candidly about using CBD for anxiety relief, Tyler is contributing to larger conversations in popular culture about destigmatizing mental health issues. Other celebrities like Dakota Johnson and Whoopi Goldberg have also recently shared their experiences using CBD for conditions like anxiety, pain and sleep troubles.

This kind of public testimony from celebrities has been an important factor in shifting mainstream attitudes towards CBD and mental wellness in general. As familiar faces openly discuss these topics, it helps make them seem more acceptable to the wider public.

Normalizing Alternative Wellness Solutions

In addition to reducing stigma, Liv Tyler's advocacy provides exposure for CBD as an alternative option for managing anxiety and stress. While research is still ongoing, early studies suggest CBD may have potential in this area due to its effects on brain receptors involved in regulating fear, anxiety and mood.

By incorporating CBD into her self-care routine and speaking positively about her experience, Tyler positions CBD as a practical lifestyle choice versus an exotic or risky experiment. This can go a long way in making alternative wellness solutions seem more accessible to mainstream audiences.

As public awareness grows, greater demand for rigorous research into CBD will likely follow. So celebrity testimonials act as an important springboard for further scientific exploration into the compound's properties and safety profile.

Conclusion: The Growing Trend of CBD Among Celebrities

The influential female stars highlighted in this blog post showcase the growing trend of incorporating CBD into personal wellness routines. From Kim Kardashian's CBD-themed baby shower to Dakota Johnson using CBD oil for anxiety management, these celebrities are normalizing and destigmatizing CBD across the wellness spectrum.

Their advocacy is reshaping public perceptions of CBD as an accessible, holistic option for self-care. As their experiences illustrate, CBD holds promise for managing pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and more without intoxication. The expanding endorsement from public figures like Martha Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg lends further credibility.

The popularity of CBD among celebrities mirrors its exponential growth in the consumer market. The compound's purported benefits have fueled rising demand for CBD products. From 2014 to 2020 alone, the US CBD market grew by over 6000% to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Celebrity influence and changing attitudes towards holistic wellness are key drivers of this growth. As CBD sheds its taboos and gains mainstream acceptance, its integration in skincare, fitness, food, and other lifestyle sectors will likely continue expanding.