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Kristian (KristianUltra) Morgan - Ultrarunner

Appalachian Trail record attempt 2021 - 2189 mile 'foot' journey across 14 US states.

Current record: 41 days 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Bud & Tender are proud to be supporting Kristian (KristianUltra) Morgan. 

Kristian Morgan is an ultrarunner; an athlete, a coach and all round inspiring individual who has run over 120 ultras and marathons and has finished in the top 10 for almost half of them.

Kristian will be running the Appalachian Trail in 2021 from May to July, attempting to achieve the Fastest Known Time (FKT). A gruelling, a truly amazing physical and mental challenge in breathtaking scenery covering 2189 miles on foot across 14 US states.

When not training and completing extreme challenges Kristian is busy coaching and can be reached at www.kristianultra.com for anyone who is needing expert coaching and training.  


Kristian Morgan KristianUltra and Bud & Tender Kristian Morgan KristianUltra and Bud & Tender Kristian Morgan KristianUltra and Bud & Tender

Hilary Sparkston (@HildaSparkston) - Period-Empowerment Campaigner

Period-empowerment campaigner Hilary Sparkston is on a mission to tackle the body taboos and inequalities that hold menstruators back.

A period pioneer, Hilary uses Bud and Tender CBD Premium Oil to explore the benefits of taking CBD oil as an alternative to conventional pain relief, improve the menstrual cycle, including balancing hormones, stabilising mood swings and managing pain.

Her account celebrates the joy of plant-based food as well as the importance of being comfortable and authentic in your own skin.

Awesome to be supporting you Hilary!

Simon Dicks (Focused Running) - Ultrarunner

Ultra-athlete, Simon Dicks, swore to never run again in 2012, he hated running and gave it up after an awful road marathon experience.

In 2020 he smashed events he never thought possible!

Simon Dicks Ultra Athlete

 Ultrarunner Simon Dicks is a normal guy in the corporate world, who found a passion in trail running, pushing and testing himself to extreme levels. 

In 2016 Simon took part in the Marathon Des Sables; going from hating running to this event was extreme but it started Simons journey off in trail running loving the extreme environment.

Soon after, confidence and fitness growing, Simon signed up to the Jungle Ultra in the Amazon.

The Jungle Ultra in the Amazon is an amazing event. Running with a smile, loving the environment some of the hardest days were experienced by day 4, the hilliest days but Simon started to smash it. Having thought that it was never possible Simon had a lightbulb moment where he started to realise he was getting better. Simon finished the event in 5th place, an amazing, positive, inspiring achievement.

 After doing Dessert and Jungle Ultra events Simon felt it just seemed right to do Ice (hey, why not!) with the aim not picking up any injuries and ideally finishing in the top 3.

Simon smashed it, taking 1st place and in Simon’s words, ‘’I genuinely surprised myself at how well I ran and winning the event was just magical’’

As well as working in the corporate world, Simon is also a running coach and you can read more about him and reach him at: www.focusedrunning.co.uk

Having just achieved 2nd place in CTS Dorset and with a line up of Ultra events for next year, 2021 looks like an epic year for Simon and one that Bud & Tender fully support – positive, inspiring actions that help all of us.


Tyler Hatherly (Talisman Gymnasium) - CrossFit Athlete

Bud & Tender are proud to be supporting Tyler Hatherly - CrossFit athlete/trainer extraordinaire and co owner of Talisman Gymnasium; a gymnasium dedicated to performance, the community and lifestyle improvements that support all.

Tyler Hatherly Talisman CrossFit RX Gymnasium

Tyler has been a PT since 2014 and opened the Talisman doors in June 2016. He has been into competitive sport his whole life (mainly football) but made the decision to join the fitness community because of his passion for inspiring others.

Tyler Hatherly Bud & Tender CrossFit ambassador Jade Luke Tyler Maddie Talisman Gym CrossFit athletes Tyler Hatherly Talisman Gym Turf Games crew and Bud & Tender CBD Oil